Catherine Ehlers, MA, L.P.C

Christian Counselor Cathy Ehlers

Licensed Professional Counselor
Co-Owner and Operator of TrueNorth

Cathy graduated from Oakland University with her Master’s degree in Counseling.   While a student, Cathy served as President of the Counseling Association, responsible for hosting professional conferences offered to the community. 

Cathy’s training includes an internship at Brighton Hospital in-patient treatment center for addiction, serving the advanced-relapse population; many with co-occurring mental illness. In the intervening years, she has become a published author on Bipolar Disorder as viewed from the Christian perspective.  In addition to Cathy’s work as counselor and workshop facilitator, she is committed to continued research and literature review to ensure that TrueNorth meets the highest standards of quality with regard to treatment strategies and ethical delivery of service.

Cathy is certified in Psychological Debriefing Techniques for Trauma

Works With

Cathy’s practice includes case consultation and supervision.  She is certified to provide formal supervision to professional counselors seeking to advance their licensure from LLPC to LPC.  She is available for consultation with professionals, pastoral and ministerial staff.

Cathy counsels her clients, with a direct, sincere approach, expertly using truth to guide the counseling process.  She has cultivated expertise with Attachment Disorder, Relationship Struggles, Self-esteem, Emotion Regulation and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.

Cathy plays an active role in coordinating and facilitating a number of workshops and educational activities that are offered by TrueNorth on an ongoing basis.  Information about these events are regularly posted and updated elsewhere on the website.

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