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TrueNorth is a partner with EACH, participating in The EACH Community Empowerment Resource Fairs. Free workshops are available to Churches that have partnered with EACH.

Attention Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Choose from informative topics designed just for you!

Workshop Descriptions:

Our place or yours, we will host the one hour workshop of your choice.  Your job is hard enough, let us make it easier!

Conflict Resolution -  This condensed workshop is designed to help church leaders and pastors handle conflict when it rears its ugly head, without much effort – all it takes is being prepared before it walks through your door.  We will show you how to use the tools to manage conflict, in a few easy steps!

Domestic Violence -  Is Domestic violence really a problem in churches?  Yes it is!  What can a pastor or lay counselor do?  We will address the tough questions associated with this topic.  You will be educated on the various forms of abuse as well as the symptoms.  We can provide you with the resources you need along with answers.

Anger Management – Anger is a basic human emotion that is expressed by all people. Anger can be constructive or destructive.  Anger can lead to various physical, mental, emotional, social, or legal problems.  Learn to recognize the signs of anger, understand the nature and motivational effects of anger, and develop effective coping skills to manage it.

Hispanic Culture – Hispanics and Spanish speaking immigrants are the largest minority group in the USA.  Minority groups often face biases and stereotypes. Understanding the culture however, often reduces these biases and creates an atmosphere of cooperation and acceptance.

Suicide Protocol – Every church needs one!  Being prepared for the worst can make the difference between life and death, literally.  We will educate you on appropriate procedures should you receive a phone call or someone walks through your door. Get your questions answered and put together a prevention plan that works.

Knowing When to Refer Out - Wise Biblical counsel is a pastor’s forte. Counseling those with mental illness, addiction, severe depression/anxiety and more is ours. Avoid burn out and frustration.  Learn a framework for identifying the issues that may need to be handled by a professional.  Our goal and yours is to meet the needs of your church members effectively.

Self Care for Pastors and Ministry Leaders – Do you ever feel like you’re on the verge of ministry burnout? There never seems to be a shortage of needs in your congregation!  Join us as we take a look at Jesus’ example of self-care.  Take a time out to refresh and learn some necessary skills that will give you God’s strength and wisdom to balance between ministry and personal life.

Hitting the ‘Refresh’ Button On Your Marriage – Take some much deserved time with your spouse to learn each other’s love language with some practical tips on how to simply meet them on a daily basis.  Learning to connect daily is crucial to building a strong marriage that can help weather the demands of ministry. Give the gift of each other at this seminar and enjoy the partner God has given you.  

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